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ZHS-W water cooled series high frequency switching power supply
  • ZHS-W water cooled series high frequency switching power supply
  • ZHS-W water cooled series high frequency switching power supply
ZHS-W water cooled series high frequency switching power supply

Features of ZHS-W series rectifier: The output current of the rectifier adopts parallel and modular independent control, and the power module heat dissipation adopts advanced technology to directly cool the copper tube and aluminum row with water, which improves the refrigeration efficiency, is not easy to produce scale, and has a simple and beautiful structure, and is completely isolated. The contact between the control system and high-voltage devices and the outside world. It can be used in different electroplating environments without additional protection facilities. It is directly equipped with cooling system facilities. It can effectively dissipate heat in a normal environment. There are overheating protection, soft start, overvoltage, overcurrent, Protection measures such as phase loss and other protection (can be reset automatically). Very low ripple and uniform coating. Constant current/voltage control. Lightweight and space-saving. The international standard RS485 network control is connected to the computer and PLC, which is better than automatic control.


Product details

Technical parameters:

input voltage

Three phase AC380V   ±10%,50HZ ~ 60HZ
Single phase AC220V ± 10% /, 50Hz~   60HZ

Current stabilizing accuracy

≦1%  ~  0.5%

Voltage stabilizing accuracy


power factor


Rated efficiency


Ripple coefficient


work environment

-10℃  ~  45℃

Storage temperature

-20℃  ~  50℃

Insulation class

Class A

Cold removal mode

Full water cooling      Inlet water temperature: 25 ℃ ~ 35 ℃
Outlet water temperature: 38 ℃
Water pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.25mp   PH value 7 ~ 8
Use deionized water or tap water,
Conductivity of water: ≤ 50uS / cm

Operating load

48 hour operation at full load

Environmental requirements

RoHS compliant

Safety regulations and standards

Comply with EU CE standards: 2006 / 95 / EC, 2004 / 108 / CE

IP protection class


Product details:

Rectifier features:
● ultra low ripple coefficient, high current precision and high coating uniformity.
● high frequency, 15.625kHz ~ 125kHz, small volume, light weight and beautiful appearance.
● high power factor, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
● the power module adopts advanced technology to directly drain water from copper pipe and aluminum for cooling, so as to improve the cooling power, not easy to produce scale, simple and beautiful structure, acid and alkali resistance, and can be directly placed in every corner of the electroplating tank.
● built in soft start, over temperature, over voltage, overload, short circuit and current limiting protection functions.
● the control system adopts international RS485 network control, PROFIBUS DP, network control, device net, ad control and standard 4 ~ 20mA control functions.
● the ultra-low ripple and high frequency design scheme can effectively improve the ultra-high frequency switching power supply required for the configuration of vertical continuous plating (VCP) line, and the coating uniformity can reach more than 96%.
Product specification:

Rated transmission

Output voltage

Rated transmission

Outgoing current

Overall dimension

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)



five hundred and nine

one hundred and eighty-eight

one hundred and fifty-three






W1500s6 water cooled   6V/250A  
Operating system: remote control  
※ output current of different models shall be made according to customer requirements ※
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