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The company has a group of experienced technical and management personnel, equipped with advanced equipment, complete testing equipment and product manufacturing and design capabilities, and can design and produce products according to customer requirements. The self-developed high-frequency dual-output rectifier has passed the people of China The Republic’s Patent Law was reviewed, and the patent right was granted to issue a patent certificate. Patent numbers: ZL201610935785.0, ZL201621160118.1, 201410729472.0. After the products are put into use on the market, they are well received by users and are highly praised.

The rectifier combines different on-site use environments to develop a variety of high-tech, stable performance, high-speed, low-ripple, energy-saving high-power, low-power high-frequency switching power supplies, as well as synchronous rectifiers, dual-output rectifiers, and high-frequency pulse power supplies. The company's products are mainly used in PCB electroplating, aging testing, metal electroplating, electroplated diamond, water treatment, seawater desalination, electrolysis, surface treatment, oxidation, electrochemistry, smelting, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, aluminum profiles, nuclear industry, electrolytic copper Foil and other fields. The products sell well in many countries at home and abroad, such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. The rectifier has realized the digital network automatic control system, such as: Rs485 network control, PROFIBUS-DP automatic network control and standard 4~20MA, 0~10V\0~5V control system.
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