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2006: Shenzhen Zhihesheng Electrical Products Factory was established and started to develop and produce high-frequency switching power supplies. The first air-cooled 600A/5V was manufactured and officially put into use in Fujian Fuqiang Precision Printed Circuit Board Factory in the PCB industry.

2006: Developed high-frequency, ultra-low output ripple, high-precision high-frequency switching power supply, and gradually entered the PCB industry, precious metal plating, surface treatment and other fields.

2006: Successfully developed IGBT technology high-power 12V/6000A high-frequency switching power supply and has been put into use in the surface treatment industry.

2007: Dongguan Zhihesheng Electrical Products Factory was established in Dongguan, and began mass production of various series of high-frequency energy-saving and environmentally-friendly switching power supplies.

2007: Started to adopt the international RS485 digital network control system.

2008: The company developed a new type of high-frequency switching power supply. The output current control system adopts intelligent modular automatic current sharing technology. It is the first in the domestic rectifier industry to develop a practical new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-frequency switching power supply.

2008: Successfully developed (VCP) intelligent high frequency switching power supply for vertical continuous plating line.

2009: Successfully developed a fully water-cooled series of high-frequency switching power supplies.

2010: High-frequency switching power supply began to enter the lead frame continuous electroplating industry.

2011: The company established an office in Kunshan, Jiangsu.

2012: Joined Hong Kong HKPCA member.

2012: Successfully developed the second generation of new high-frequency switching power supplies, effectively improving the production of (VCP) vertical continuous plating lines.

2013: The fourth-generation dual-output rectifier was developed in response to market demand, and it has been put into the market. It specializes in providing VCP continuous electroplating lines and gantry line electroplating lines.

2014: The company's products obtained the European Union CE certification.

2014: Joined as a member of Guangdong Electroplating Industry Association.

2014: The company developed a synchronous rectifier that uses very low resistance power (MOSFET) to replace the rectifier diode, which can greatly reduce the loss of the rectifier circuit and increase the DC/DC conversion efficiency by more than 94%, which is more than 20% more energy-saving than ordinary rectifiers.

2014: The company's self-developed high-frequency dual-output rectifier patent was issued with a patent certificate: ZL 2014.20753096.4, and a RS485 three-display meter with preset values was also developed.

2015: In response to market demand, the dual-output rectifier has been put into use on the market, and professionally provides VCP continuous electroplating line and gantry line electroplating line.

2015: The company developed a high-precision high-frequency switching power supply for FPC soft board electroplating mother-in-law, which has been put into market use, and professionally provides VCP continuous electroplating wire and gantry wire electroplating wire.

2016: Joined the CPCA member of China Printed Circuit Board Association.
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