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Basic working principle of pulse power supply technology

Publisher: Administrator Date:2021-12-07

In the pulse electroplating process, when the current is turned on, the pulse (peak) current is equivalent to several times or even dozens of times of the ordinary DC current. It is this instantaneous high current density that makes the metal ions recover under extremely high overpotentials. , So that the grains of the deposited layer become finer; when the current is turned off, the discharge ions near the cathode area return to the initial concentration, and the concentration polarization is eliminated. This is conducive to the continuous use of high pulse (peak) current density in the same period of the next pulse. At the same time, during the shutdown period, there are phenomena such as recrystallization, adsorption and desorption that are beneficial to the deposited layer. Such a process runs simultaneously throughout the entire electroplating process, and the mechanism contained therein constitutes the most basic principle of pulse electroplating. Practice has proved that the pulse power supply has incomparable advantages over traditional DC electroplating in terms of refining crystallization, improving the physical and chemical properties of the coating, and saving precious metals.

First, go through slow energy storage to make the primary energy have enough energy; then charge (or flow energy) into the intermediate energy storage and pulse shaping system, and after some complex processes such as storage, compression, pulse formation or conversion, the energy is discharged quickly Give the load.
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