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What is high frequency pulse?

Publisher: Administrator Date:2021-12-06

The high-frequency pulse connects the electrolysis cell and the pulse power supply to form an electrolysis system, and the electrolysis process carried out is pulse electrolysis. The time Ton from turning on to turning off the current is the pulse duration, also called pulse width, that is, the working time of electrolysis. The time Toff from off to on of the current is the electrolysis intermittent time or pulse intermittent.

The output pulse can be equal interval pulse, sparse and dense pulse or pulsating pulse. The pulse current waveform has various forms such as square wave, sine half wave, sawtooth wave, and sawtooth isolation wave. The typical electric pulse waveform is shown in Figure 1. The pulse has three independent parameters, namely the pulse voltage amplitude, pulse width Ton and pulse interval Toff. In order to achieve better decontamination and energy saving effects, these three parameters can be adjusted.

The pulse period is the sum of the pulse width and the pulse interval, and the pulse frequency is the reciprocal of the pulse period. Suppose the duty cycle is r, then r is the ratio of the on-time to the pulse period: r = Ton / (Ton + Toff). By changing the value of the duty cycle r, different energy-saving effects can be obtained.

High frequency is a surface heat treatment process that uses induced current to locally heat the workpiece. This heat treatment process is often used for surface quenching, it can also be used for partial annealing or tempering, and sometimes it is also used for overall quenching and tempering. In the early 1930s, the United States and the Soviet Union successively began to apply induction heating methods for surface hardening of parts.

With the development of industry, induction heating heat treatment technology continues to improve, and the scope of application continues to expand. It can not only heat the workpiece as a whole, but also heat the workpiece in a targeted manner; it can realize the deep penetration of the workpiece, or it can only heat the surface and the surface of the workpiece; it can not only directly heat metal materials, but also non-metallic materials. The material is heated indirectly.

The workpiece material for induction heating and surface hardening is generally medium carbon steel. In order to meet the special needs of certain workpieces, low-hardenability steel special for induction heating surface hardening has been developed. Workpieces made of high carbon steel and cast iron can also be surface hardened by induction heating. The quenching medium is usually water or high molecular polymer aqueous solution.
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